As Kaynak Electronic we manufacture and supply ups, uninterruptible power supplies, electronics, frequency convertors, converters, rectifiers, inverters, dc-dc converters, static transfer switches, transfer switches, switches, batteries, test converters, uninterruptible power supply, electronic, frequency convertor, converter, rectifier, inverter, dc-dc converter, static transfer switch, transfer switch, switch, battery, test converter, ups with galvanic isolation, switch mode ups, static frequency converters, multiple output converters, 3 phase input industrial rectifiers, industrial rectifiers, military grade rectifiers, mono phase input rectifiers, transformer based inverters, transformerless inverters, dry sealed batteries, dc dc converters, static frequency converter, multiple output converter, 3 phase input industrial rectifier, industrial rectifier, military grade rectifier, mono phase input rectifier, transformer based inverter, transformerless inverter, dry sealed battery, dc dc converter... Kaynak Electronic Machine Industry Limited Company (Kemsan) was founded in 1989 to address the requirements for energy quality. In the early stages of the organization,UPS systems were designed & manufactured, and technical services were provided.In the forthcoming years, Kemsan’s range of products and services increased inparallel with the technological advancements and years of experience. Today,Kemsan is a manufacturer of frequency converters, test converters, multi-output converters, DC/DC converters, inverters, rectifiers, static transfer switches,custom design projects and provider of consultancy services. Kemsan products are used in every sector such as production plants, power plants, hospitals and military applications. Our military grade custom designed power electronic equipment are addressing the needs of Turkish Armed Forces; at the same time, the collaboration with a most esteemed partners as such added value to the Kemsan. Kemsan is at thepoint where quality, reliability, innovation and aesthetics meet. The main reason why Kemsan reached its current prestigious point in the eyes of the customers is continues improvement. R&D,production, sales and technical service units are located in our headquarters in Eskişehir.

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